Relax-Me App

Experiment, App from London, author Dr Nickolai Vysokov

About App

This app is designed for BrainPatch closed-loop AI hardware. It helps you relax!


Why do I need this App?

Whenever we are relaxed, the brain is generating synchronised periodic electrical activity in the range of 4-14 Hz (“alpha” waves). Neuronal rest is essential for maintaining the brain’s optimal activity. And while it may be easy to relax the visual part of the brain, achieving this relaxation in the frontal lobe can be very difficult for some people.

How does the App work?

The AI used in this app will take the FFT decomposed weighted recording as its input and find the optimal stimulation frequency, amplitude, electrode and most importantly phase to tune it to the alpha frequency of your brain. The measured increase in alpha power persisting after the stimulation is turned off is used as a measure of the success of the application.

What is the science behind it?

The science behind this app is based on Zaehle et al. (2010, PLoS one), where they measured the individual peak alpha wave frequency and used that frequency to deliver transcranial alternating current stimulation. They have observed an increase in the alpha-wave activity.


Disclamer & risks

If you feel discomfort at any point, stop the treatment and replace the electrodes with fresh electrodes.